The Benefits of a Keyword Gap Analysis

December 26, 2022
Digital Marketing · Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Benefits of a Keyword Gap Analysis

The secret to creating websites that search engines and users love is to have a well-thought-out SEO strategy – and it all starts with keyword gap analysis.

At IDDpro, we are a St. George, UT, SEO company that puts keyword gap analysis at the heart of everything we do. Here are some of the benefits of this approach.

What Is a Keyword Gap Analysis?

The goal of a keyword gap analysis is to identify the exact keywords for which your competitors rank high. This allows you to discover new keyword opportunities and content gaps in your SEO strategy.

Advantages of a Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword gap analysis allows you to identify:

  • New, high-volume keyword opportunities
  • Your target customers’ search intent
  • Related questions people ask
  • Keywords that currently work – or don’t – for competitors
  • Changes in competitors’ rankings so you can tweak your strategy accordingly

How To Do a Keyword Gap Analysis

Most website owners don’t have a solid keyword strategy. Their efforts are often haphazard and inconsistent. For an effective keyword gap analysis, take the following steps:

Count Your Competitors

Start by identifying your local and national competitors. Make a thorough list, then filter out domains with similar authority to yours, and scour them one by one.

Identify Keywords Your Competitors Rank For

To find out what keywords your competitors are targeting, check the following elements on their websites:

  • Page titles
  • Headers and subheadings
  • Meta descriptions
  • Body content
  • Anchor text of hyperlinks
  • Alt tag text
  • Image file names and metadata
  • Video file names and metadata

Using this information, draw up a list of keywords your competitors seem to be targeting. Be sure to include both short and long-tail keywords.

Optimize Your Content Strategy

Take all relevant keywords from that list and incorporate them into your content and SEO strategy. Track your rankings over time to see if your plan is working, and know when it’s time for a new keyword gap analysis.

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