Search Engine Optimization

What is a good bounce rate for Google Analytics?

Many people who access this information miss the most important numbers. Read Case Study

5 key elements for a professional website

1) Clean website design Imagine yourself walking into a high-end retailer. You will notice the open layout of the store. Products are neatly displayed. Featured items catch your eye and you will be pleased to see there is no clutter. You feel energized, you feel awake. It is because of this ambiance that you soon open your wallet and make a purchase. Read Case Study

How effective is your online marketing?

How effective is your online marketing? What is the path your customers are taking before the conversion happens? These are important factors when trying to pinpoint what is truly working to your benefit, and what isn't. If you are not tracking this information you may be missing out on possible sales, subscribers, or whatever else your goal is with your website. Read Case Study