SSL Certificates Enhance SEO

June 10, 2020
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) · Website Security

SSL Certificates Enhance SEO

Secure Socket Layer or SSL offers security and privacy to your users. Without an SSL certificate, data transferred to and from your website is subject to prying eyes. With an SSL certificate, you can collect and protect sensitive personal and financial information, such as credit card numbers.

At IDDpro, we sell and manage SSL certificates individually or as part of our web design, development and SEO marketing services.

What Is an SSL?

Web sites protected by our SSL certificates have URLs beginning with HTTPS:. When Google Chrome, Microsoft Bing or other browsers attempt to access your secure site, the web server establishes an SSL handshake.

There are three keys: the private, public and session. Public keys need private keys for decryption and vice versa. During the SSL handshake, the private and public keys create a symmetric session key. The session key encrypts transmitted data to keep customer information private.

Sites without an HTTPS: certificate display with a warning. If your SSL certificate expires, it also results in a warning display.

How SSL Certificates Boost Your SEO

SSL certifications improve SEO when applied correctly – IDDpro developers can help with that! For one this Google announced back in 2014 that including an SSL certificate would increase SEO ranking. Additionally, Google Chrome now requires the HTTPS: extension in order to display your website. Sites without an SSL certificate display a warning notice to users.

Sensible website owners take advantage of SSL certificates to increase trust among using and to make it harder for hackers to tamper with or damage their site through the use of malware. However, there are still many websites with no SSL certificate.

So, the question now is, which type of SSL certificate should you buy?

Types of SSL Certifications We Offer

IDDpro offers single domain and wildcard SSL certifications to ensure that your website displays across all major browsers. We offer free unlimited reissues to prevent error messages when users access your site.

Here are the SSL certificates we offer:

  • Single Domain validation certificates: This cost-effective SSL takes just minutes to issue and protects one domain or sub-domain with email validation.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates: Wildcard SSL protects the main and all sub-domains. For example, one wildcard SSL certificate would protect,, and other subdomains.

IDDpro also offers a Premium certification for single domain SSL Certifications.

Advantages of Site Security

You need an SSL certificate if your users share personal data such as contact information and credit card numbers. When visitors trust that their information will remain confidential, they will return to your page again and again.

On the other hand, if someone gets a warning site from the browser, they aren’t likely to click through to your website no matter how fantastic your ads are.

The advantages of site security include:

  • Security from hackers
  • Boost in Google SEO ranking
  • Mark of reliability and trust
  • Attracts visitors to your online stores
  • Defense against hackers

Choose SSL Certificates from IDDpro

IDDpro SSL certificates help protect your website and ensure the customers can access your website on major browsers, including Chrome. If customers enter their contact or financial information on your HTTPS: website, they can feel confident that their sensitive data is safe with you. Contact IDDpro today to order your SSL certificate or find out more about our services.