Identity Designs Denver is now IDDpro

June 1, 2020
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Identity Designs Denver is now IDDpro

Identity Designs Denver is now officially IDDpro. In the last few years, we’ve relocated our headquarters from Denver to St. George, Utah and expanded our services into a full stack digital marketing agency. With these major changes, it was only fitting for an update to reflect the new location and our new services.

Paying Homage to the Old Identity

It’s pretty obvious, our branding didn’t stray too far from the original. Aside from the name, being the biggest adjustment, the rest of the company identity is pretty much intact.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’ve changed, and why:

Our Name

By changing the name from “Identity Designs Denver” to “IDDpro” we wanted something that was easy to remember, and even easier to type.

We’ve condensed “Identity Designs Denver” into “IDD” as our hearts will always be Denver-based, even if our company and our work has scaled to a national level.

Our Fingerprint Icon

As dated as our fingerprint icon had become, we didn’t want to completely eliminate it. The fingerprint has always represented brand identity and website security which have been core services of ours.

We chose the butterfly (previously used in our branding) as it represents the metamorphosis of a company and reflects our core belief, to create yourself.

By incorporating the fingerprint into the butterfly iconography, we were able to tie all of the elements that made us who we are, and who we are becoming.

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New Services from IDDpro

Over the years our team has been fortunate to work with so many industries ranging from Government Contractors to International Banking Institutions to your neighborhood Real Estate Agent.

We’ve been able to see what works, what doesn’t, and ultimately how we can offer these services better than anyone else while keeping the work in-house.

Some of our new services include:

Moving Forward with IDDpro

We get it, people don’t really like change and it can bring on uncertainty. Rest assured, with our new brand, IDDpro is everything you have always had – including the same team you’ve worked with since day one.

We love our customers and appreciate every opportunity to be part of their journey. We will continue to strive for quality and insanely fast response times while still being our customer’s biggest cheerleaders.