How effective is your online marketing?

August 1, 2013
Website Design

How effective is your online marketing?

How effective is your online marketing? What is the path your customers are taking before the conversion happens? These are important factors when trying to pinpoint what is truly working to your benefit, and what isn’t. If you are not tracking this information you may be missing out on possible sales, subscribers, or whatever else your goal is with your website.

Now considering the importance of this material it is essential to know there is a solution, and that is Google Analytics. Guess what else? All of this tracking information is free, that’s right, free. There is a premium version which may get more in depth for an annual fee, but fine tuning with the free version initially will still assist you. There are analysis tools, content, social, mobile, conversion, and advertising analytics to help you. You choose the data you want to view and their easy to use platform will allow for customization. For content you can check the performance of each page to help cater to your customers. The social aspect will allow you to evaluate how visitors engage your social platforms. The mobile analytics will allow you to gauge the presence you have on the mobile platform. Additionally the conversion will track the amount of customers you are appealing to and how they’re using your site. Lastly the advertising analytics will allow you to track the performance of search, mobile, social, and display ads.

There are over 10 million websites using this tool for tracking this valuable information. You don’t even have to be a fortune 500 company to pinpoint this crucial part of your website. This is something here at Identity Designs Denver that we can integrate into your site. For free consultation just contact us. We will work with you hand in hand to develop and create your vision.