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SEO Site Health

Your website health is your overall score based on the total number of Errors and Warnings that were found on the crawled pages. The higher the site’s health percentage, the better your search engine rankings will be.

What the Site Health score DOES NOT depend on

This score is independent of the Error or Warning frequency. Something to consider, however, is if the Error or Warning is on a global element of the site such as the header or footer, it will globally affect your overall search visibility even if it doesn’t reflect on your score. So, if the site is large, it will have a bigger negative impact on search visibility due to the frequency.

Top SEO Issues

This free SEO Audit will identify your top 3 technical SEO issues. Every website will have it’s own errors and warnings unique to it, but they’re not to be taken lightly as they can greatly affect search engine rankings.

1. HTTP Status and Server Issues

Some of the more common issues found when running an SEO Audit are HTTP Status and Server Issues. These issues are found in an array of 4xx server errors (page or elements not found), broken internal / external links, broken images, and invalid redirects.

2. Missing (or under-used) Meta Tags

Meta tags are vital elements in how a search engine finds and ranks your site. It compares this data to the content throughout your page to ensure visitors are presented with what they really searched for.

When Meta Tags are missing, Google flags this and click-through rates fall, as do your search engine ranking position.

Perhaps all of your Meta Tags are there but your site is still being flagged. There’s a very good chance that you have duplicate title tags or H1 tags throughout your site.

3. Duplicate Content

Just like cramming a bunch of keywords into your page is an outdated (and penalized) practice, so is using duplicate content. Every page should be unique to encourage visitors to click through your site, lowering your website’s bounce rate and ranking your site higher on Google and other major search engines.

Comprehensive SEO Audit

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