Having worked with both large ad agencies and independent freelancers, I think IDDpro is the best of both worlds. I was frustrated with the larger agencies over-charging me and the freelancers lacking the technical and professional competency to appropriately service my needs. IDDpro provides some of the best work I have seen, at a price that is more than fair. I have really enjoyed their exceptional client service. They have really come through with little time and oversight, with a product that pleased me, and my superiors. They have made my very stressful job MUCH easier. Their team delivers extremely high quality projects lightning fast. I am, most definitely, a lifetime client of theirs wherever I go.

Joe Black  |  Coordinator, Marketing & Communications

About GeoStabilization International

GeoStabilization International® is the leading geohazard mitigation firm operating throughout the United States, Canada, and Australasia. They specialize in emergency landslide repairs, rockfall mitigation, and grouting using design/build and design/build/warranty contracting.



Develop a user-centric website with IP filtering to feed visitors content based on their location. GeoStabilization wanted a bright and modern design which reflected their personality and ingenuity while featuring high resolution photos of projects to highlight their work.



IDDpro took a mobile first approach to the website design and user experience development. We focused on a very easy to navigate menu while expanding the basic WordPress page builder into a framework that allows for dynamic page layouts at the click of a button.



We evolved our custom Create Yourself Framework to include IP filtering for advanced content delivery based on the visitor’s location. At the time of build our team optimized the Technical SEO elements while organically promoting content to Google and other major search engines based on the existing content.

The final website design was bright and welcoming to users, promoting easy navigation and user interaction. We integrated and developed custom plugins to assist with user tracking, lead generation, technical resource portal management, and much more.

GeoStabilization International Website Design